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Purchase agreement between the seller and purchaser is established upon binding confirmation of the order by the seller by sending a confirmation of creation of purchaser's order to the purchaser's e-mail address. Confirmation of creation of order shows the order number, order creation date, information on ordered goods such as name of goods, goods code, number of ordered items, price for the goods, shipping costs, rebate on the order, total price of the order, method of receipt of goods, method of payment, invoicing address and delivery address.



Withdrawal from Purchase Agreement

According to the provisions of Section 12 of the act concerning protection of consumer in door-to-door selling and mail-order selling (Act No. 108/200 Coll.), purchaser has the right to withdraw for the purchase agreement without having to state a reason within 14 days of the date of receipt of the goods. Purchaser has the right to return, or have replaced the purchased goods only if the goods are returned in a damage-free condition and show no signs of previous use. Goods must be packed in their original undamaged packaging and must be accompanied with all accessories pertaining to the goods, and must have on them original tags and labels. Together with the goods, purchaser must send also copy of the document evidencing the purchase of the goods. Purchaser bears the costs of return of the goods, and must send undamaged goods to the company's address as insured registered mail item. Seller assumes no liability for damages, if any, caused during transportation. The right to withdraw from the purchase must be exercised by sending in a filled purchase agreement withdrawal form. Please follow this link to obtain the purchase agreement withdrawal form:



Purchase agreement withdrawal form /return of goods/



Seller is required to return the paid amount to the purchaser's bank account specified in the purchase agreement withdrawal form without delay and in any case within 14 business days of receipt of the goods returned by purchaser. In addition, seller must reimburse to the purchaser also the costs associated with delivery of the seller's goods to purchaser.


Purchaser has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement even before the order is being shipped. Seller can do so as soon as practicable by mailing the Purchase Agreement Withdrawal Notice through the contact form, or directly to the e-mail address: k2shop@k2shop.sk, or to the regular mailing address:



Drotárska cesta 15

811 02 Bratislava




Cancellation of Order by Seller


Seller reserves the right to cancel an order or its part if the ordered goods cannot be delivered due to their unavailability from supplier, discontinuation of manufacture, material change in price of the goods or if it will not be possible to comply with the agreed time of delivery or agreed price for the goods.



Terms of Payment


Purchaser has the right to pay for the goods by any of the following methods:


-        wire transfer to the seller's bank account;

-        in cash upon receipt, if delivered as COD;

-        in cash if collected in person at seller's facility;

-        by wire transfer to seller's PayPal account.



Terms of Delivery


Seller is required to ship orders in the shortest possible time. Goods will be delivered in 2 – 30 business days of the date of binding confirmation of the order, depending on availability of the ordered goods and country of destination.


Goods will be delivered either through Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o. courier company, or Slovak Post.



Delivery                                                                  Shipping cost


Personal pick up

 0,- €

Slovak republic (purchase over 50,-€)


Slovak republic


Czech republic


Czech republic (cach on delivery)


































Other EU countries


Other countries





Complaint Procedure


For consume contracts (Act No. 40/1964 Coll. the Civil Code, as amended), the warranty period has been fixed for at least 24 months of the date of conclusion of the purchase agreement, or else capped as of the date of expiry of the goods, and shall commence on the date of receipt of the goods and confirmation of the required goods-related documentation by an authorized person.


Upon delivery of consignment, the addressee is obliged to inspect the consignment and report immediately any visible/evident damage to the goods or surface of packaging, or missing items, if any. Any missing parts of consignment, or scope of damage to the consignment must be immediately recorded in a damage report to be drawn-up with the shipper/delivery agent.


If damage to the goods, or partial loss/missing items was/were not readily evident, addressee must notify the occurrence of damage to the seller through e-mail without delay upon becoming aware thereof. In such a notice, purchaser shall state the identified damage and the manner of their manifestation. Prior to drawing-up the consignment damage report, purchaser must allow the seller assess the scope of damage in person.


Prior to the first use, purchaser must review the warranty conditions, including instructions for use/operation in the Slovak/Czech language and subsequently strictly follow this information.


In any case, a complaint must be accompanied with copy of the damage/complaint protocol, copy of the invoice and complete list of all items comprising the goods. Seller undertakes to process the complaint within 30 days of the date of initiation of the complaint procedure. Seller assumes no liability for damages resulting from functional features, or for damages resulting from other than prescribed handling/use and external events. Similarly, neither are damages of such an origin covered by the warranty. Warranty shall not apply to ordinary tear and wear of any item (or its part) caused by its use. Thus, shorter life time of any product must not be deemed a defect and cannot be the subject of any complaint.


If the conditions for return of the goods are met, the purchase price will be reimbursed in full, including the shipping fee. Upon agreement, purchase price can be returned through replacement with other goods in the corresponding value that will be shipped to the purchaser either with the subsequent order, or separately. No handing and shipping fee is charged in the case of separate shipment (replacement of goods).



Final Provisions


Seller undertakes to request from purchaser only data serving exclusively for the seller's needs related to the performance of obligations resulting from the purchase agreement (name and surname, address of permanent residence, including postal code, telephone number and e-mail address).


Purchaser consents, pursuant to Section 7 (1 of Act No. 428/2002 Coll. concerning the protection of personal data, as later amended, to the processing and storing by the seller of its personal data required for the performance of seller's obligations, and to processing of such data in all seller's information systems. Seller agrees to handle and dispose of the purchaser's personal data in compliance with the applicable legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. Purchaser hereby grants the above consent to the seller for indefinite period.


Upon registration, purchaser may opt for receiving from the seller information concerning new products or other marketing information.


Seller agrees to delete, if the purchaser so wishes, any personal data from the seller's database on the purchaser's request, either written or notified over the telephone and without the need to state any underlying reason.